Which Type of Toilet Seat is Best? 2023 Guide

The companies producing toilet seats are evolving every other day to make a comfortable seat that fits into your respective bathrooms.  When you visit the market, you get to see a huge variety of toilet seats following different sizes, shapes, designs, and colors.

Which Type of Toilet Seat is Best

Yes, it can be confusing to choose one, but you can get a suitable toilet seat if you know what you need. A little research about which type of toilet seat is best would be a plus point as it might help you invest your money in the right product.

Let’s see how many types of Toilet seats we have and which type of toilet seat is the best?


Best Types of Toilet Seats

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There are two central types of Toilet seats that are recently trending. One is the Standard, and the other is a soft close toilet seat.

  • Standard Toilet Seat

This one is traditional, and you get to see these types of toilet seats in every typical household. Its design is simple, but the material can be pretty durable. Also, it does not consume much space in your bathroom and is suitable for short bathrooms.

  • Soft Close Toilet Seat

Next, we have this famous and most-demanded soft close toilet seat. It may give the bathroom a luxurious look as it is well-designed with a gentle closing mechanism for the seat. These types of toilet seats are the right decision with older people and kids in the house.

These both can be the right decision according to the bathroom space and willingness to pay. However, a soft close toilet seat is better as it won’t make an unnecessary sound as soon you let go, and it will also give your bathroom a luxurious look. It can be a little high in price, but its durability and style will worth it.

Shapes of Toilet Seats

Standard and Soft close Toilet seats can come in different sizes and shapes that would also play a critical role in picking the best one. Usually, Toilet seats come in Round, U-shaped, and oval or elongated shapes.

Elongated ones are huge and provide enough space to sit and relax. But at the same time, it consumes space because of the large size. Similarly, round shape toilet seats can be a reasonable choice in small bathrooms, but you have to make a little compromise at the comfort level.

Moreover, Padded and Bidet toilet seats are also making their way in the market. They promise reliability and can be an excellent option for different weather conditions. You can choose the padded one if you are suffering any physical pain, as it is designed to make your toilet visits tolerable.


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Final words

A toilet is where you visit more often, so make relaxation and comfort your priority while choosing the toilet seat. I have mentioned two types of toilet seats and different types of shapes you will see in the market. Choose the toilet seat that matches your need and never settle.