9 Best Floor Standing Speakers for Music 2023 – Buyer’s Guide

Editor's Pick
Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Speaker (Black, Single) for Multichannel Home...
Best Performance
SVS Ultra Tower Speaker - Each (Piano Gloss Black)
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Yamaha Audio NS-F150 Floor Standing Speaker - Each (Black)
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Dali Oberon 5 Floorstanding Speaker - Dark Walnut (Pair)
Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Speaker (Black, Single) for Multichannel Home...
SVS Ultra Tower Speaker - Each (Piano Gloss Black)
Yamaha Audio NS-F150 Floor Standing Speaker - Each (Black)
Dali Oberon 5 Floorstanding Speaker - Dark Walnut (Pair)
Editor's Pick
Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Speaker (Black, Single) for Multichannel Home...
Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Speaker (Black, Single) for Multichannel Home...
Best Performance
SVS Ultra Tower Speaker - Each (Piano Gloss Black)
SVS Ultra Tower Speaker - Each (Piano Gloss Black)
Don't Miss
Yamaha Audio NS-F150 Floor Standing Speaker - Each (Black)
Yamaha Audio NS-F150 Floor Standing Speaker - Each (Black)
Also Consider
Dali Oberon 5 Floorstanding Speaker - Dark Walnut (Pair)
Dali Oberon 5 Floorstanding Speaker - Dark Walnut (Pair)

The best floor-standing speakers for music are one of the most popular types of speakers ever. Undoubtedly, they are the heart of any outstanding home theater system.

best floor-standing speakers for music

The overall design of the speakers also provides a rare opportunity to install more speakers in a small living space. In today’s market, these speakers have multiple brands. A good number is of high quality and is structured into a clear sound, which adds fun to your living space.

A pair of high-quality floor-standing speakers can immediately boost your high-fidelity sound system and provide space-filled sound. Compared with bookshelf speakers, the cabinet is larger, so the floor cabinet usually has a larger scale, greater impact and greater bass. In other words, you need to choose wisely and make sure to choose the best floor-standing speakers according to your budget. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of expenses, there are a pair of floor-standing speakers for you to choose from.


The Best Floor Standing Speakers for Music Comparison Table 2023

1) Fyne Audio F302

Quick Product Review

  • Dimensions: 93 x 19 x 27cmbest floor standing speakers for music under 500
  • Weight: 13.3kg (29.3lb)
  • Color: walnut, black ash or light oak vinyls
  • Price: under $600

Fyne Audio may be a young brand, but it was created by a group of industry veterans with more than 200 years of experience. It was their performance that made the F302 stand out. The bass is tight, but it will not hinder the F302’s keen sense of rhythm, providing a compelling listening effect.

Even though I heard that Fyne can promote the further development of the food chain, its performance is more mature than we expected. You can really get the favor of many speakers from it.

If there is a warning, it is necessary to pay attention to system matching. Although the balance is not skewed, the brightness of the treble can be adjusted up by pairing with an appropriate amplifier and music source. But this is the only drawback we can find.

Main Features

  • Point source driver technology is not new to Fyne Audio.
  • Multi-fiber cone with grooved rubber surround, sounds natural.
  • In order to fully optimize the driver’s performance, all aspects of careful design have been considered.
  • The F500 series is impressive in terms of movies and music. FYNE AUDIO’s point source driver technology is ideal for displaying the best film details clearly at precise angles.
  • Full, funny voice
  • Excellent timing and dynamics
  • A lot of low-end exists
  • Pay attention when matching the system


2) Polk Audio Floorstanding 70 Series II Full MDF non-resonant housing

Quick Product Review

  • Dimensions: 15.60 x 7.70 x 42.00 inches
  • Weight: 47 poundsbest budget floor standing speakers for music
  • Color: Black
  • Price: under $250

Polk Audio Monitor70 Series II speakers have a frequency response of approximately 30 Hz to 25 KHz, and are an advanced stand-alone model that can produce a wider sound distribution in medium to large rooms.

Its full MDF non-resonant housing is very durable. It is also eye-catching and features four 6.5-inch double-layer platen drives and a 1-inch cloth dome. It has a sensitivity of 90bd, a rated power of 20-275 watts, and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

This is one of the reliable floor-standing speakers you must choose to buy. With so many qualities packed and fully enriched, you will find that there is no excuse to ignore this option. Once you have tried this Polk Audio Monitor70 Series II, please do not forget to rate and mark the product.

They achieved this goal by magnetically shielding the speaker. Excellent audio, strong bass effects and better midrange means you will find this speaker perfect for impromptu parties, games, watching movies, etc. In addition, manufacturers have done good enough in the appearance of speakers, making them ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, recreation rooms, etc. The speaker is equipped with Cascade Tapered Array technology, which can output excellent bass and delicate midrange response.

Main Features

  • Rugged structure: helps improve durability.
  • Wood grain finishes: They enhance the aesthetic appearance of the speakers.
  • Internal support side by side: can make the sound clearer.
  • Stylish appearance: it perfectly complements modern flat screen technology.
  • 6.5-inch composite balanced drivers: they are double-layer laminated to help ensure low distortion, high efficiency and excellent bass.
  • The frequency is very high.
  • Durable
  • Very affordable.
  • The quality of the speakers is not very good

3) SVS Ultra Tower Flagship – Excellent for overall performance

Quick Product Review

  • Dimensions: 16.8 x 13.8 x 45.6 inches
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Price: under $1000
    best floor standing speakers for music

These speakers were the first choice of the year, making them one of the best speakers you can get now. This shows that the speaker can meet the user’s voice needs. It may be a game, watching a movie or listening to music. For more reasons, it is possible to see that speakers are always excellent for overall performance.

One of the most prominent things about this model should be its ultra-high tower cabinet design. The design is known for producing the best sound effects. The model has non-parallel panels, which helps reduce standing waves in the cabinet wall. In the end, you will fall in love with sound because the frequency response coloring is eliminated.

You will also like the grille design. It is FEA optimized to ensure that the transparency of the sound is improved every time it is used. Each cabinet comes with two separate sealed medium-sized chassis. The purpose is to optimize the performance of each driver. This design also helps eliminate the negative effects between these drivers.

The outstanding performance and uncompromising fidelity of the speaker make it the best choice today. Manufacturers achieve this goal by using some of the best drivers on the market. These drives are made of the best materials and designs, so they can perform excellent performance. You can now expect high-quality sound through these drivers.

Main Features

  • The separate cabinet is equipped with a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, two 6.5-inch midrange drivers.
  • Two 8-inch opposed woofers.
  • It is FEA optimized to ensure that the transparency of the sound is improved every time it is used.
  • Impressive bass response
  • Good stereo imaging
  • Articulate the alto clearly
  • Lack of motivation

4) Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor standing Loudspeaker

Quick Product Review

  • Dimensions: 10.7 x 8.9 x 35.2 inches
  • Weight: 25.8 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Price: under $200
    top rated floor standing speakers for music

You may be within budget, but this does not mean that you should be prepared for inferior floor-standing tower speakers. In other words, the Pioneer SP-FS52 model is affordable, but the performance is extremely good. Due to its function, the speaker is very suitable for home theater systems. It can produce incredible audio quality from games, DVDs, CDs and any other audio sources. Because of its performance, this floor-standing speaker designed by Andrew Jones has been loved by many people.

It uses three 5-1 / 4-inch woofers and oversized magnets to provide you with high-quality sound and let you have a mood immediately. Pioneer has produced audio systems for more than 70 years. People like their products because they are affordable and have excellent performance.

Needless to say, it is not surprising that their speakers entered this list. Well, we believe that you will not only be impressed with the sound quality, but also the appearance. It can play louder without consuming a lot of energy. Plus the size of this speaker is 10.7 x 8.9 x 35.2 inches, which means its size fits almost everywhere.

Main Features

  • Curved cabinets: They are RF molded and are designed to minimize internal standing waves.
  • 8-element complex crossover: It perfectly blends the audio between the treble and woofer speakers, thereby improving accuracy.
  • Three 5/4 inch surface woofers: reasonable structure, with oversized magnets and exhaust pole shoes, help to improve bass response.
  • Competitive price
  • In order to avoid your patience test, please ship as soon as possible
  • Installation is a breeze
  • Compatible with many systems
  • Bass is great
  • High point may be better

5) Yamaha NS-F150

Quick Product Review

  • Dimensions: 7-7/8″ x 40-1/2″ x 14-1/4″
  • Weight: 24.7 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Price: under $300

best quality floor standing speakers for music

The Yamaha NS-F150 is a speaker that manages to hang with the best of them. It’s sound quality is exceptional and errs on the warmer side. What’s really interesting about this one is that despite the fact it has 3 total drivers, it’s actually still a 2 way design.

Well instead of a dedicated midrange driver, they’ve decided instead to opt with two 6 ½ inch bass drivers and a large 1 inch soft dome tweeter. It’s an unorthodox setup but it’s one that brings surprisingly rich sound for pretty much everything. Content really comes alive with these.

It’s also ornate in appearance, draped in a piano black finish that no doubt looks incredible in person. They do pick up fingerprints though, but I doubt you’ll be moving them often so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

They’re also a hefty 24.7 pounds each and measure 40 ½ inches tall, 14 ¼ inches deep, and 7 7/8 inches wide. In terms of connection options, you can use pin plugs or banana plugs due to the gold plated screw terminal.

When it comes to the frequency response, these things are impressive, going from 37 Hz to 30 KHz. That’s deep enough to forgo a subwoofer all together if you so chose. They have an impedance of 6ohms, wattage of 180, and sensitivity of 88 decibels so you’ll want a pretty decent receiver to power these things.

Main Features

  • Woofers: Dual 6-1/2″ cone
  • Tweeter: 1″ soft dome
  • Frequency Response: 37 Hz – 30 kHz
  • Nominal Input Power: 50 W
  • Maximum Input Power: 180 W
  • Sensitivity: 88 dB/2.83 V/1 m
  • Rich & clear sound even at high volumes
  • Powerful enough to be used without a subwoofer
  • Beautiful piano black finish
  • No dedicated midrange driver

6) Dali Oberon 5 best Loud Sound Music Speakers

Quick Product Review

  • Dimensions: 93 x 19 x 27cm
  • Weight: 32.4 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Price: under $1,200
    cheap floor standing speakers for music

For most of the past decade, the Q Acoustics 3050i was our preferred choice for prices lower than the default selection of large flower shops (see below). But no more. In Oberon 5, Dali offers an excellent choice, and that is the better choice.

Their touch may be smaller than the 3050is, but the sound of these speakers is significantly louder and more interesting. After a few days of rest, they bring real enjoyment to your ears: they are responsive and musical, but most importantly, very interesting.

They have dynamic subtlety, rhythm accuracy and transparent transparency, which can change the subtle changes of the track to the greatest extent and attract the audience to the music experience.

Main Features

  • The driver materials, crossover design and geometry applied in the OBERON series has been selected to achieve a wide dispersion pattern.
  • The rounded edges and rustic fabric of these new DALI front grilles add a lighter and more contemporary visual look to the OBERON series.
  • Expressive dynamics
  • Plain nature
  • Fierce competition

7) Polk T50 150 Watt Home Theater Floor Standing Tower Speaker

Quick Product Review

  • Dimensions: 8.8 x 9.2 x 36.5 inches
  • Weight: 20.4 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Price: under $120

floor standing speakers for music

Polk Audio now has powerful floor-to-ceiling speakers. And the unit is exactly the Polk Audio T50 model. The setup is simple, which means you can enjoy your favorite music immediately after the speakers are delivered to you. You will like its appearance and performance.

Most importantly, you will be surprised by the price. It has many functions, such as bass radiator, driver and tweeter. These functions work together to make the sound produced by this speaker first-rate.

If your room is small or medium, this speaker will serve you. Although it can be purchased as a singles, you can purchase multiple of them for excellent home entertainment. You can connect them to the screen for a better gaming or viewing experience.

It works with most home theater AV receivers, which means you will have many options for setting arrangements. More importantly, this floor standing speaker is designed with Polk’s dynamic balance technology, making its bass, treble and midrange unmatched. If you have a limited budget and want to improve your home, then please consider it.

Main Features

  • Dynamic balancing technology: It enables speakers to deliver excellent sound for TV, music and movies.
  • Two 6.5-inch bass radiators: they produce powerful output bass without increasing the frequency.
  • Best compatibility: The speakers are compatible with multiple home theater AV receivers.
  • Mid-range performance is very good
  • The bass is tight and controllable
  • Quite lightweight; therefore, easy to move
  • Looks stylish and pretty
  • Quality may be better


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are floor-standing speakers durable?

After searching/testing many products, we carefully selected these products. They are durable and provide the best sound.

What is the importance of a floor standing speaker as part of a home theater?

Floor standing speakers are popular for their adaptability and ability to reproduce high frequencies. Usually, a floor standing tower speaker will house multiple speaker bass drivers, the reason they are excellent for higher frequency ranges.  Music enthusiasts love these speakers because they enhance the clarity of vocals in music and dialogue in movies.

Wireless vs wired floor standing tower speakers? Which type is better?

One cannot say with certainty that one type is better than the other. Wireless floor standing tower speakers operate in a wireless kind of setting. They are preferable to wired speakers if you want to keep a clean look in your room. There are no cables to run from one end to the other. For wired tower speakers you have to connect cables to the audio input terminals at the rear side of the speaker.

In general, properly wired speakers can provide a higher level of audio quality than wireless tower speakers. When choosing a wired type, consider using a speaker with terminal blocks.

What is a narrow floor-standing speaker?

Narrow tower speakers can enhance your entertainment experience without taking up too much space. They are slim (many about 15 inches deep), so they are a better choice for people with limited space.

When choosing floor-standing tower speakers, how important is the cabinet structure?

Cabinet structure is a key factor to consider when selecting the best floor-standing speakers. The structure of the cabinet should be strong and anti-resonance to reduce sound distortion. The foothold of the cabinet is also important.

What to look for when buying floor-standing speakers?

As you can see from our reviews, although the overall goal is clear, most products are designed with better bass production in mind. Extensive, balanced audio. The structure of the woofer cone, the optimization of the driver, the improvement of the housing and the improvement of the crossover circuit all play an important role in producing a decent floor-standing speaker.


For some reasons, choosing the right speaker is essential. The first reason is that they are gadgets that can serve you for many years. Therefore, a wise choice is to buy high-quality speakers that not only have to stand the test of time, but also perform best. Secondly, there is no doubt that tower speakers are one of the most important components of your sound system.