What is the proper way to Flush a toilet?

As soon as you have done in the toilet, make sure you flush correctly so the next comer won’t have to suffer the bad smell you are leaving behind. However, sometimes the waste does not go down, resulting in a pathetic bathroom environment.


It must be a habit of everyone to flush toilet every time you use the bathroom as it doesn’t take your extra time and definitely does not need any effort. Many of us are still not aware of the proper way to flush a toilet and what to put in the toilet to make it flush better and fast. So, I decided to write down some tips that you can consider doing in the bathroom.


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What can I put in my Toilet to Make it Flush Better?

  • Press the handle/Button

Flushing a toilet is not rocket science, neither we are living in old times when we have to fill up the buckets and throw them in the toilet. Now, you can quickly push the button or tilt the handle as soon as you are done.

When you push the button that places right at the toilet’s top, the water will come down automatically and removes any waste or impurities that remain in the toilet.

  • Use extra water for flushing

Sometimes one flush would be not enough to remove the waste, sometimes the smell, and you can’t wait for the bowl to fill again for the next flush. You can use the water from the tap and fill the bowl until the waste goes down the drain, or you can throw the water down the toilet by yourself. You can call it a manual flush.

  • Clean the Bowl

Sometimes the toilet flush gets weak due to the filthy bowl and doesn’t flush properly. So, it is better to clean the toilet bowl after some time to maintain it. You can use any bowl cleaner solution/bleach and pour some of it in the valve opening of a flush. Make sure it does not split in the tank and remains in the bowl only. Leave it for few hours or even overnight, and then you are ready to use the flush again.


These are the easiest ways to use your toilet flush properly; there are also things you could use to put in the toilet for the cleaning purpose and deal with a clogged toilet. Yet, if you can not make a flushing habit, then get yourself an expensive toilet that flushes automatically when you are done because you should not compromise on such things at any cost.