Richard Montanez Net Worth 2023



Richard is an amazing author and successful businessman who started his life from nothing and today has everything a person can ever dream of. He has a very interesting story and it is best known for his invention of a flavor of Cheetos known as flamin hot Cheetos.

If you want to know how he went from zero to a hundred with a simple invention read till the end as this article covers everything from his great life story to his net worth.

About Richard Montanez

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Richard is a very successful and hardworking person who is today the vice president of multicultural sales and community promotions for the famous company which is loved by every single person in this world known as Pepsico. Along with that, he teaches students about leadership without having a degree through only his skills.

Early Life And Family

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He struggled a lot in the education aspect and it was very hard for him to understand basic writing and reading and that is why he decided to drop out of school instead of getting a degree. Later started doing jobs around his neighborhood which didn’t pay him much but he did his best. Soon in 1976, his friend informed him that a position for a generator was open in the Frito lay plant and that is where he started working.

His grandfather once told him that it doesn’t matter what the job is, one should always do his best. Later in that job he quickly made an impact and he also said that every time somebody walked into the room he cleaned they said it was fresh.

His Career And Major Milestones

During his job as a janitor along with his duties, he used to watch the factory machines make products for the company. One day one of the machines broke and several Cheetos fell. He picked them up and took them to his house, where he added chili powder which was used in Mexican food, and created a new flavor of Cheetos. He asked his family and friends to try his flavor and they encouraged him to go to the company’s supervisors and present it.

After gathering a lot of courage he called the CEO and asked if he could present his flavor. After the CEO said yes, he went to buy a tie and a business book to understand the right way to prepare his pitch. The company loved the flavor and today this flavor is famously known as the flamin hot Cheetos and is loved by all around the globe.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Him

Richard was born in Mexico, he has 10 siblings and they used to live in one small apartment with just one bedroom. Since childhood, he has been treated differently as according to society he was a lower-class person.
He wrote two books that were associated with his life and is also going to star in a biopic.
He has a wife Judy, they have three sons and four grandchildren.

Net Worth

His total net worth is around 14 million dollars, his story is the true motivation for how to go from having nothing to being a millionaire. He has motivated several people. His major source of income is from his creation of flamin hot Cheetos and through being the CEO of PepsiCo. And others by teaching leadership and being a motivational speaker.