Nate Bargatze Net Worth 2023

Nathanael Nate Bargatze is an American comedian from Nashville. He started as a stand-up comedian for The Boston and later appeared multiple times on Comedy Central and comedy shows with Connon O’ Brian and Jimmy Fallon. Continue reading to know more about this amazing person.


About Nate

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He moved to Chicago in 2001 with the hope to entertain people and gradually began to build his career. He started off as a stand-up comedian and won awards at the Boston Comedy Festival and the New York comedy festival. He gained fame and popularity with his shows and won the hearts of many.

Early Life And Family

Nate Bargatze was born in the year 1976 on the 30th of June. He was born to Stephen Bargatze and Nate began his career in the year 2007. He recalls his dad being a full-time clown and magician. He took great inspiration from his dad who was a lively entertainer. He is proud of his father and believes that he is a world-class artist and conjurer. He married Laura and says that he is very funny and makes him laugh. She is supportive of his career choice and inspired him a lot.

His Career And Major Milestones

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His most famous stand-up comedy show reached second place in the Comedy Billboards. It was titled as yelled at By A Clown. His shows are lively, entertaining, and presented beautifully woven stories that never fall apart. He is truly a magician with his words and comedy timings, later he even toured with Jimmy Fallon for numerous comedy shows.

He is also an actor and has been a part of numerous films like Whip It, Factory Girl, Almost Famous, Taxi, and Fever Pitch. His credibility as an actor is equally worthwhile as a comedian. He does justice to the roles given to him and is a master entertainer. In the year 2015, he joined hands with Comedy central and featured another show named: “Full Time Magic”.

A Few Things That You Didn’t Know About Nate Bargatze

Did you know that he was featured as number one in Vulture’s list of the best 50 comedians? That was one of his greatest achievements that started off in a simple manner. He was even named in Esquire Magazine as one of the upcoming and successful comedians of the time. He draws greatly from his personal experiences and mixes well with his audience.

The Tennesse Kid was one of his productions that were hosted by and on Netflix. It helped him to gain immense popularity and boosted his name. It is an hour-long show and he talks about incidents in his personal life like his encounters with his father, incidents with his daughter, and family rituals and functions.

Net Worth

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His estimated net worth is about 1 million dollars. His earnings are mostly through his comedy shows and stand-ups. However, he tours vigorously and is quite popular with his shows. Moreover, he earns from selling his shows on popular platforms like Amazon and Netflix.