What is the Difference Between OLED and LED?

TV is a necessity of the modern world, and finding a good TV is not easy. When we step out in the market, we see several brands continuously launching the best TV models with modern technology and style. But, we still have to choose one considering our preferences and taste.

What is the Difference Between OLED and LED

From the past few years, the television industry is getting attention by its advanced screen tech, and HDR is passed by new features coming our way. Now, we get to see the fair battle between LED and OLED Displays. Moreover, there is a confusion that which one is better and worth a shot?

So, suppose we study both displays in-depth. we find the major difference between LED and OLED display is that OLED works as a self-illumination principle. However, LED needs the support of backlight to produce a picture on the display screen.

Furthermore, the response time of the OLED display is fast as compared to the LED. But, in terms of the affordability factor, if we are ready to sacrifice a few features, we find the LED less costly and valuable investment. Also, we find the OLED display relatively thinner than the LED ones.

Since the LED display generates the light energy itself, its picture quality is impressive, and the brightness level is much better than the OLED display. Besides, the size of the LED is large with at least 54-degree viewing angles making the TV Flexible yet heavy. In contrast, OLED display is relatively small with 84-degrees angles but weighs light than LED.

So, both have their own specialities and features that make them unique. And, If you’re looking for a durable, thinner and affordable display, then you should consider getting LED one.

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