Cliff Mass weather: Why do we suffer?

It is reminiscent of the Book of Job.
We look to the heavens and ask:  Why do we suffer?  Why is the warmth of summer denied us?

… In fact, the atmosphere has been “frozen” in a certain configuration since late winter, causing the heavy snowpack in the mountains as well as cooler than normal and cloudier than normal conditions. 

Now one reason that we have had this pattern is because of the La Nina of last year, which is associated with colder than normal temperatures over the tropical waters of the central and eastern Pacific.  La Ninas cause tropical convection (thunderstorms) to shift eastward and the easterly trade winds to strengthen.  Why do we care about this?  Because the shift of the convection perturbs the entire atmosphere– think of a pond and you throw in a rock…there are waves in the pond.  Our pond is the earth’s atmosphere and the rock is the thunderstorms; shifting where the rock hits (which the big thunderstorms are) changes the waves that are moving out into the entire atmosphere. 




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