Cliff Mass: Cloudy weather is at its worst in 60 years

Several of you have noted that it is not the cool temperatures or even the rain that bothered you this last few months, but the lack of sunlight–sort of like a summer version of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).   So what is the truth about clouds this spring and summer?In such situations there is ONE expert on our local murk that I trust, a local scientist who has spent  great time looking a the climatology and trends of local clouds.  I have mentioned him before—Dr. Jim Johnstone, AKA Dr. Fog, a researcher here at the UW.

Here are some of his depressing results–the average number of hours a day with clouds at Sea-Tac for April through June 2010 and 2011 have simply been the worst over the past 60 years. We are talking about 18-19 hrs a day of cloud on average.  And the general trend the last few decades is for more clouds.


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