Cliff Mass says what he wants in Q&A with Geek Wire, in the Stranger…still not on KUOW

Cliff Mass, on his blog, provides an update on the attempt to regain his volunteer post of providing weekly weather updates on Steve Scher’s “Weekday” public affairs show on public radio station KUOW 94.9-FM. Excerpt:

I am still hoping these folks will change their mind. The attempts of management to do damage control has generally made things worse (the Stranger called it Weathergate). They keep on pushing a story line that both Steve Scher and I know as incorrect (that I insisted on talking about non-weather topics on the weather segment).

A petition to KUOW is found here.

Today there were several articles on the subject:

Very supportive commentary by veteran PI writer Joel Connelly

The Stranger editors have been highly supportive and asked my to write up my side of the event.  Found here.

The Geek Wire had a story.

Lots of updates on the Facebook pages.

KUOW has one of their own news staff (Deborah Wang) working on a story about all this that will probably air tomorrow. Seems strange to have one of their own employees do this, with all the inherent conflict of interest, but we will see.


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