Do nanotechnology safety efforts go far enough?

 You may recall former P-I investigative reporter Andrew Schneider, now of AOL News, last month reported several articles on nanotechnology whose revelations included this eye-opener: Some Latin American packers spray US-bound produce with a wax-like coating to extend shelf-life, and some ice creams include nanotechnology to make them look richer — yet hundreds of peer-reviewed studies show nanoparticles pose risks to human health.

  Here’s an update, which Schneider reported today:

 “White House advisers denounced those articles’ conclusions as ‘alarmist’ and insisted that they described ‘theoretical risk’ while underplaying the benefits from ‘sophisticated products and economic growth and jobs created by this expanding industry.’

 The White House science advisers also issued a list of talking points for those who might respond to the stories, including many experts outside the government.” (more)


Read his entire update here

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Quick points

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