Police search Leschi, UW for suspect in murder of 4 cops; call off Mazda search (updated)

Seattle police are continuing an intense manhunt for a man — possibly wounded and considered armed and dangerous — in the shooting that left four Lakewood police officers dead.

Officers of the Seattle Police SWAT operation overnight barricaded an area around a house in Leschi on the Lake Washington waterfront in Seattle for more than 10 hours, looking for a suspect in the weekend shooting at a coffee shop near Lakewood that left four police officers dead. They didn’t find him.

The Seattle Times is reporting that on Monday morning police turned the focus of their search to  the University of Washington campus. This from The Times:


The UW sent out an alert to staff, students and faculty, said UW police spokesman Jerome Solomon. He could not say what bus was involved, nor who called in the alleged sighting. He also couldn’t say where on campus (Maurice) Clemmons was spotted.

Former P-I reporter Lewis Kamb, now of the Tacoma News-Tribune, reported:

“…police searched several buildings and canvassed the campus at the University of Washington, after a transit bus driver reported dropping off a man who resembled Clemmons’ description near the campus at about 7 a.m. Campus police issued a warning to students, faculty and staff to be on alert for the suspect.

Police searched Cowen Park near UW this afternoon, reportedly after finding a blood trail, but have since backed off.

This from the Central District news:

The man they’re searching for is 37 year-old Maurice Clemmons, who is the suspect in the murder of those four officers. He is believed to have been wounded in the shooting, and earlier in the day Pierce County authorities put out a bulletin that he was a person of interest in the murder. Pierce County Sheriff spokesman Ed Troyer now says he is definitely a suspect and that it is unknown if he is dead or alive.

UPDATE 12:13 p.m.: “Police are searching for a green 1997 Mazda Millenia with Washington license plate 208-SSX. The vehicle is registered to Clemmons’ wife,” the Seattle Times reports. “Police said she may be headed to Arkansas.”


UPDATE 3:02 p.m.: Police are no longer seeking the green Mazda they said was registered to Clemmons’ wife,” Seattle Times reports. Washington State Patrol Trooper Brandy Kessler says it was sold two months ago, according to KIRO-7 news.

UPDATE 3:20 p.m. Seattle police say they will canvass the Leschi neighborhood with this information.

UPDATE 3:30 p.m. “There are still viable leads as to Maurice Clemmons’ whereabouts,” and “no valid tips outside of Washington, Puyallup police Lt. Dave McDonald said,” according to the Tacoma News Tribune. “Investigators have followed more than 100 physical leads so far. Many, many more tips have come in.”

UPDATE 5:23 p.m. Police are surrounding a home in Renton in search of the Lakewood shooting suspect, reports KOMO news.  He wasn’t there. It’s been a big day. The manhunt has taken police to farflung places, as detailed on this map.

UPDATE 8:54 p.m. Police search Skyway house. Clemmons remains at large.

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One Response to Police search Leschi, UW for suspect in murder of 4 cops; call off Mazda search (updated)

  • Darryl Bell:

    I am an ex-convict recently released from a Arkansas prison after serving twenty-five years on an illegal sentence of forty years. I step forward to file this report.
    I have seen every aspect of Arkansas prisons as the system grew over the years into the monster it is today. The whole system is corrupt and the state has done litte to intervene due the fact that Department Of Correction has mastered the coverup game. The story must get out and be made known before any changes can take place. People need to know the truth and someone must step forward and make that truth known to the public. This report needs not be personal, but instead unbiased and honest. I will attempt to make such a report without adding my personal feelings.
    The main reason I find it necessary to bring this report to the people of Washington is that I feel this somehow relates to the recent murder of the four policemen done by aledged suspect Maurice Clemmons.
    The state of Arkansas has allowed its prison system to become a breeding ground for people like Maurice Clemmons because it has unwittingly created an enviroment where a man stays under constant stress, frustrtion, and depression while serving time in an enviroment that is for the most part unsanitary, loud, infested with virmin, and borderline mental patients.
    When I went into the Arkansas Dept. Of Corrections in 1985, I was sent to the Cummins Unit after I was diagnosed at the Diagnostice Unit located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The Cummins Unit is located approximately 42 miles away from there right outside Grady, Arkansas on highway 67. For the most part Cummins is considered a prison farm. It sits on 6500 acres of farmland. This is the same place that the movie ‘Brubaker’ was based on.
    This is the place where forty something bodies were found in various conditions all over the grounds of the prison. They never found all the bodies and to this day there are still quite a few undiscovered bodies to be found on the land today. How could I know this information to be true is because inmates often share information with other inmates that is not always shared with prison officials.
    You need to know that Cummins is an old farm. Many of the buildings have been there since the early 1940’s and 1950’s. Most have only been updated or remodeled. Some have been added to. Back in 1985 the old buildings were still as they were many, many years ago, freezing cold in the winter, and blazing hot during the summer months. Each barracks as they are called, housed 100 men. All these men had committed assortment of crimes from murder, kidnap, rape, drug charges, and you name it. What makes this an issue about these charges is that even those who commited lesser offenses were thrown in with the most violent men in the state. That made for a large assortment of mixed personalities. These clashing personalities oftentimes took their aggressions out on the more timid inmates who were raped, sodomized, abused and misused to no end. Beatings, stabbings, and murders were the norm. Guard intervention was not. In fact, most guards turned their backs on beatings if an inmate was a known child molester, or rapist. It was not unusual to see a man beat to death without anyone stepping in to stop it. These beatings happened frequentley.
    During those days, Cummins had 16 barracks within its main building, plus an outside building numerated ’19 barracks.’ At the extreme east end of the main building was the ‘East Building.’ This building housed what’s known as punitive isolation cells, and formerly ‘deathrow.’
    The ‘east building’ housed many types of cells; some of them were single-man cells. There were also two-man, and four-man cells. The four-man cells were the most dangerous cells because sometimes a person could find himself in there with 3 other men who did’nt like him and he would have his hands full. Almost anything could happen. Many times it did.